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Arugam Silver

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Arugam, named after the raw & pure Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka.

This earring is made of the precious paua shell which can only be found in New Zealand. It is believed that this beautiful multicolored shell strengthens the body as well as the heart. It represents the beauty of life, which is the 'change' that we experience every day.

Unique features: because every piece is made by hand with natural materials, they differ in shape and size. The colors also vary from stunning blue, green and pink and everything in between so your piece will always be unique! If you order 2 pieces, they will be made as much similar as possible but note that they will always vary due to the natural characteristics of this earring.

Average size:

Big -> Length 45 mm, width 15 mm

Small -> Length 20 mm, width 5 mm


Material: Natural shell and silver 925


Price per piece

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